What is ALVEO  






ALVEO from Akuna is a 100% natural product with the power of 24 Healing Herbs without any additives of chemicals or other foreign substances. It strengthens our Immune System, the Digestive Tract and the Heart- and Circulatory System throughout our bodies while maximizing Defenses with the combined power of the Healing Herbs.


In his 20 years of research Dr. Khoshbin developed ALVEO in his Naturopath Clinic in Canada and enjoys today a very satisfied clientle of 300,000 which is fast growing.



Positive Attributes of ALVEO: 


-     Strengthening of your   Immune System.


-     Increasing your Defenses


-     Enjoying Higher Vitality, Less Fatigue and Increased Energy


-     Strengthening of the Heart and Circulatory System.


-     Strengthening of the Digestive System.


-     Prevents Illnesses caused by Deficiencies.


-     Promotes Well-Being.


-     Slowing of the Ageing Process.


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Take advantage of the amazing power of our Healing Herbs today!


Alveo is enriched with reverse osmosis filtration water (99% free of solids and bacteria) and according to your preference available in Mint- and Grape taste.  From a medical stand point the intake of three to four months is suggested to assure all benefits of ALVEO can be realized in the body.


A full 80% of our immune system is located in the digestive system. ALVEO strengthens with its   24 Healing Herbs   our complex digestive tract and improves as a result the absorption capabilities of essential vital elements from our foods.


Important Information:


ALVEO is defined as a Food Supplement in accordance with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).   This is the reason why no Healing- and Curing Statements can be made.  Therefore, we confirm a possible general Well-Being state to be achieved with our ALVEO product.


ALVEO from Akuna has been tested positive by   PHYTOLAB”, an independent Government approved testing laboratory for natural plant based products, for the human consumption as a food supplement.